Stand Up Paddle (SUP for short) is a board with a special shape, additionally equipped with a paddle that allows movement. Because of that set we are independent of the wind and we can move wherever we want.

In the West, SUP is practiced by hundreds of people who, together with their families or friends, paddling throught the canals and other waters in looking for adventure.

We offer SUP boards in several sizes, so it is possible to choose the right equipment for everyone. A few words of theory are of course included.

Rental1 Hour1 DaySUP Voucher 10 h
SUP (board+ paddle)30 zł150 zł250 zł

LSURF surf Vouchers are personal and are valid just through the current season (season 2024: till 31.08.2024).


09:30 – 19:00 June, July, August

10:00 – 18:00 May, September