LSURF is a windsurf surf center that was founded beacuse of a passion for windsurfing. We have been operating since 2003, constantly improve our offer. We are the largest windsurfing center at Zegrze Lake and we continue to take care of you and to meet your expectations.

The main area of ​​our activity is learning windsurfing and running a professional equipment rental. The windsurfing course can be conducted as part of individual lessons as well as group courses. At the beginning of each course, we guickly explain theory. Students have the opportunity to learn the correct attitude and balance. After a short training on land, the first water classes take place. All our srudents can use our wetsuits, life jackets and harness. 

We have been running windsurfing halfcamps since 2013. If you want to actively fill the time of your children, provide them with unforgettable entertainment, and give them passion for windsurfing. Check our offer for halfcamps and camps.  The offer is for children and teenagers attending primary schools.

If you like to rest in water and in the fresh air, check our offer. We are waiting for you.

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