5 days (Monday-Friday, 8:00 – 17:00).


Two groups: 8-12 years and 11-15 years.


LSURF windsurf center in Kompleks Rekreacyjno-Wypoczynkowy Nieporęt-Pilawa, next to Zegrze Lake.


–  theoretical and practical windsurf classes (3 hours/day)

Classes on the water take place under good weather conditions, guaranteeing the safety of participants. In the absence of the possibility of organizing classes on the water, alternative classes take place on land.

When there is no wind

– canoes and SUPs (boards with paddles)
– water bicycle.

Another possible land activities

– rollboards (special skateboards with sails)
– table soccer
– team games
– badminton
– volleyball
– boule, ringo, frisbee etc.
– art classes
– field games

and other.

Daily schedule

 8:00 –   9:00  Meeting at the reception LSURF / Arrival of participants from Warsaw by organized transport
 9:00 – 10:00  Recreation and sport activities
10:00 – 10:30  Breakfast break
10:30 – 12:30  Windsurfing classes
13:00 – 14:00    Lunch
15.00 – 16:00  Windsurfing classes
16:15 – 17:00  End of classes, pick up children, transport trip to Warsaw


The daily schedule may change depending on the weather conditions, age and mobility of participants. The hours of classes depend on the qualification of the participant to the appropriate group.

On Thursdays (exceptionally) we go to windsurfing classes only in the afternoon block – before noon we have classes on land or going to the rope park.

Price include

– windsurf equipment rental (board, sail, shortsleeve wetsuit, life jacket) for every participant
– windsurf classes and other activities 
– care of tutors and instructors between 8:00 and 17:00
– Meals: second breakfast, dinner, hot and cold drinks
– equipment insurance against damage during water activities (the insurance does not cover the intentional destruction of equipment)
– accident insurance for participants
– photos or videos
– windsurfing lesson for a parent (the lesson takes place during the stay, on Wednesday at 16:00).

Extra paid (for willing):

– transport from/to Warsaw (+240 zł)
– renting a long sleeve wetsuit for a stay (+50 PLN) / short sleeve wetsuits for all participants are included in the price of the day camp.


The price does not include transport. It is possible to transport from / to Warsaw: +240 PLN / stay.
The participant must be picked up by a parent / legal guardian from the camp or bus stop (if additional transport is purchased).

Regardless of the participant’s age, it is not possible for them to leave the day camp or bus stop on their own.

Our route:

1. Metro Wilanowska – bus stop ul. Puławska towards the Center (at the intersection of Puławska St. and Wilanowska St.).

Departure hours 08:00, return at 18.00.

2. Street Prymasa Tysiąclecia – bus stop at ul. Górczewska.

(MORNING: PKP Koło 04 stop, AFTERNOON: KP Koło 03 stop)

Departure hours 08:25, return at 17:35.

3. Broniewskiego – bus stop on Trasa Toruńska at ul. Broniewskiego.

(MORNING: Park Olszyna 05 bus stop, AFTERNOON: Park Olszyna bus stop)

Departure hours 08:35, return at 17:25.

4. Łabiszyńska – bus stop on ul. Łabiszyńska, at the exit from Trasa Toruńska, in ul. Kopijników

(MORNING: Kopijników 02 bus stop, AFTERNOON: KS Polonez 01 bus stop)

Departure hours 08:45, return at 17:10.

5. Regaty – bus stop on ul. Kobiałka at the entrance to the Regaty estate (ul. Frachtowa).

Departure hours 08:50, return at 17.05.

6.ul. Księżycowa – bus stop on ul. Księżycowa, at the intersection with ul. Strużańska, towards the bus route.

(MORNING: Moon bus stop 02, AFTERNOON: Moon bus stop 01)

Departure hours 08:55, return at 17.00.


Day campsTimePrice
I PK24.06-28.06.20241090 zł
II PK01.07-05.07.20241090 zł
III PK08.07-12.07.20241090 zł
IV PK15.07-19.07.20241090 zł
V PK22.07-26.07.20241090 zł
VI PK29.07-02.08.20241090 zł
VII PK05.08-09.08.20241090 zł
VIII PK12.08-16.08.20241090 zł
IX PK19.08-23.08.20241090 zł
X PK26.08-30.08.20241090 zł

For siblings, we offer a 50 zł discount – the cost of a stay 1040 zł – the discount does not apply to cousins, friends, etc.

For more than 1 stay, every next one for PLN 1040 (PLN 990 for siblings).

List of necessary things

– towel
– swimsuit strój kąpielowy (kąpielówki)
– sports outfit (together with sports footwear)
– water shoes – MANDATORY, without them the participant cannot take part in water activities
– UV cream
water bottle and tea cup – LSURF is ECO and stops using disposable bottles and cups
– hat
– flip flops
– a set of warm clothes with long sleeves
– a set of clothes with short sleeves
– rain jacket
– mosquito repellent.

Requirements for participation

– age: completed first class of primary school
– no health contraindications for windsurfing – declaration by parents / legal guardians
– basic swimming skills in a life jacket – declaration by parents / legal guardians
– consent of parents / legal guardians along with acceptance of the Regulations.


Initial reservations can be made by e-mail, telephone or by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. After verifying the number of vacancies, the initial reservation is confirmed by e-mail and is valid for 3 days. In the email you receive the conditions of participation, as well as payment details, regulations and the Participant Card.

Confirmation of the reservation is the payment of a non-returnable advance payment for the stay of 300 PLN / person (in person or payment to the account) and sending a correctly completed and signed Card of the half-camp Participant. The number of places is limited, the order of payments decides.

The rest of the amount must be paid at least 31 days before the start of the stay.

Participants registered less than 31 days from the date of the start of the given period, pay the full amount in person or by bank transfer – immediately after making the reservation and receiving confirmation of participation.

More information and booking:

Ania Leciejewska: +48 508 366 732

Reservation Form